Tim from SYFFAL listed Jettison Tape’s “There Are Always Gaps” on his top 5 songs of the week.

Big thanks to Music Between Friends for including a few Jettison Tape tunes in their Saturday Grab Bag this week.

Atlas and the Anchor calls Second Sleep “a layered and complex headphones-worthy soundtrack to a strange world that is easy to get lost in.”

The folks at A Closer Listen dig into Second Sleep and give their full review here.

Thanks to Outskirt Noise for the great write-up on “Ghostboxes.”


Yasui Nakaji

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Acres blog calls Second Sleep “neatly composed, simply presented. But simple doesn’t mean the sounds aren’t sublime or diverse.” Thanks for the great review!


Mixtape - Uniform

Some really good stuff from the first month or so of 2014.

  1. Shy Boys “Bully Fight”
  2. Black Lips “Boys in the Wood”
  3. Kind of Creatures “Quiet/Loud”
  4. Potty Mouth “Rusted Shut”
  5. Girl Band “Lawman”
  6. Damaged Bug “Photograph”
  7. Jettison Tape “The Walls”
  8. Protomartyr “Scum, Rise!”
  9. Avers “White Horses”
  10. NOMADS “In the Mend”
  11. Yoro King “Yr Eyes (Song No. 1)
  12. Patrick Mellon “Sweet Thing”
  13. Pontiak “Wildfires”
  14. Warm Soda “Young Reckless Hearts”
  15. Tara Jane O’Neil “Elemental Finding”

Thanks to Audio Fodder for including “The Walls” on this mix!


Jettison Tape - Blowout Beach

Jettison Tape is Brooklyn-based producer Dave Fischoff. On his debut album Second Sleep Fischoff returns to production free of the constraints imposed by his day job in film scoring. The release combines his original passion for sampling from old or discarded cassettes (jettisoned tapes) with soundtrack atmospherics, electronica, and 60s psychedelic rock. If you enjoy your trip to ‘Blowout Beach’ download the LP here.


Vivian Maier, Untitled, c.1951-1956.

The new Jettison Tape album is now on Spotify.

Critical Masses think Jettison Tape needs to be on a Spike Jonze or Wes Anderson soundtrack.

"This track is a piece of pure lo-fi electronic lushness." Thanks to Cracked Wax for the writeup on "Ghostboxes."

Thanks to the I Am Not A Musician blog for sharing Second Sleep.

SYFFAL gives Second Sleep a 9/10 rating: “A soundtrack that makes your waking life as exciting, sensual, adventurous and bizarre as you sleeping world.”